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Are you looking for a more flexible approach to the education of your child?

Hickman Charter School is a publicly funded TK-8 school, We are a learning community that blends the best features of study at home, on-site classes, online programs, and flexible curricula.

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HCS provides the support families need to provide their children a high quality, individualized education. By partnering with our experienced teachers and staff, our families and their students achieve success and realize their full potential!


What Does Our Program Provide?

Resources for Parents

  • Support from your families personally assigned Education Coordinator (Credentialed teacher)
  • Parent training & workshops
  • Support from the community of learners.
  • Varied curricula & supplements    
  • Local vendor opportunities 
  • On-site Library Media Center 
  • Benchmark and Standardized State Testing.

Experiences for Students

  • Onsite classes to enhance at home learning and provide cooperative, collaborative, and socialization opportunities. 
  • Literary Conference
  • Extensive STEM opportunities
  • Clubs and competitions 
  • GATE Program 
  • Math & Science Olympiad 
  • Band, Choir, Piano & Strings 
  • Field Trips, Bi-annual Outdoor Ed
  • Middle School Sports 
Science Olympiad group
Walk Thorugh the American Revolution
Honor Choir Lion King Jr
Group of students pose with their home cooked Indian dishes
STEM Woodworking
Boy holds trophy during STEM Science Olympiad
Honor Choir Lion King Jr
STEM Woodworking
Three students pump water during the field trip to Columbia
8th grade Ancient Civilizations Day

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