California Distinguished School

As a Charter School District we pride ourselves in offering genuine choice in the educational options we provide for our families. We are extremely proud of the fact that all three of our schools have been awarded the California Distinguished Schools award in the past.  
Our award winning campus schools for elementary and middle school students is a widely coveted choice for many families in the area. 

Our innovative home school program - known as Hickman Charter School - provides an enviable range of resources, structure and support for those families looking to take this more independent and flexible learning path

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⦁ Hickman Elementary & Middle combined has 464 students enrolled.
⦁ Technology access & support
⦁ Offers a Literary Conference for student authors
⦁ Distributes Chromebooks to 2nd-8th grade classes
⦁ Offers STEM initiatives such as Lego Rebotics & Science Olympiad
⦁ Fine Art classes by a credentialed teacher
⦁ Music classes by a credentialed teacher
⦁ Gifted & Talented program (GATE)
⦁ Students participate in community events through community service projects
⦁ Academic competetions such as the Academic Pentathon, County Spelling Bee & Science Olympiad
⦁ Hickman Middle School has an athletic program with several league championships
⦁ JumpStart program to help Elementary students transfer smoothly to Middle School


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⦁ Hickman Charter School currently has 576 students enrolled
⦁ Offers a Literary Conference for student authors
⦁  Music classes by a credentialed teacher
⦁  Gifted and Talented program (GATE)
⦁  Curriculum & materials are available to our families through our Annex
⦁  Monday morning classes in Math & ELA for students in grades TK-8th (Covid has made these virtual for the time being)
⦁  Middle School afternoon classes for Science & Social Studies
⦁  Themed Third Thursday/ Tuesday classes (T3) that offer thematic, integrated, grade-level instruction in Science & History/Social Studies
⦁  Workshops to support both students & parents
⦁  Outdoor Education
⦁  Introductory & Advanced STEM Lego Robotics (6th-8th) & WeDo Lego (1st-5th) Robotics classes
⦁  Monthly Maker projects for all grades
⦁  Science Olympiad & Math Club monthly meetings
⦁  Living History Days
⦁ School Leadership Program

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