Our History

In 1911, Hickman Grammar School was constructed on the site where the school is now located.

1868 - How it all beganHickman School was originally founded as Rowe School in 1868 when residents feared for their children's crossing the Tuolumne during high water.  The first school house was located on Lake Road.

1911 - Hickman Grammar SchoolIn 1911, Hickman Grammar School was constructed on the site where the school is now located.  Unfortunately, this beautiful building brought down in the 60's because it did not meet earthquake standards.  

1994 - Hickman Charter School Hickman School District joined the Charter world in 1994 when it sponsored a start-up school, Hickman Charter School. Hickman Charter School is a “university model” which blends the best of study at home with on-site classes and online programs. It was created in response to parents who were looking for high-quality individualized options for their children and teachers who recognized that the traditional system does not meet the needs of all children.

2000 - Hickman Elementary & Middle School gain Charter School StatusAfter witnessing the success of the Hickman Charter School students, along with the positive power of the parent/staff collaboration, both the districts’ Elementary (K-5) and Middle School (6-8) chose to embrace the possibilities charter status could afford. Charter status empowered us to better meet the challenge of supporting the diverse needs of all students. Thus, in 2000 both schools converted to charter status.

2000 - Hickman Community Charter District is launchedSince there are just 3 schools in the district, once all were charter, we became the Hickman Community Charter District.  The district's charter has been renewed in 2005, 2010, and is up for renewal in 2015.

2003, 2014, 2020 - Distinguished School Status

California Distinguished School

The validation of this decision to convert to charter status was evidenced when the middle school was awarded Distinguished School status in 2003 and the elementary school qualified as a Distinguished School nominee in 2004.  In 2014 Hickman Charter School was awarded Distinguished Schools status.  Hickman Elementary School was named a CDS in 2020. 

There is power in being a district of choice. With this power, we choose the mindset of creative flexibility, which includes not only flexible scheduling, but also creative staffing with all three schools working interactively.

We choose to create a culture where a collaborative spirit attracts students, parents, and community members who are all willing to “look outside the box” and work together.