About Hickman

Welcome to our District - we are proud to share with you our approach to education and our commitment to our learning community.


Our Mission
Inspiring students to learn and grow to their potential. 

Our Vision
Every student a responsible, productive citizen in a diverse and competitive world.

Our Motto
Learning Without Boundaries

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Elementary girl enjoying her lunch outside

Our Values & Beliefs


Success of All Students

All students can learn and they learn in different ways. They deserve the opportunity to have instruction delivered in a way that is meaningful, relevant, and accessible to them.  The process of learning is as important as the product and requires a growth mindset.

High Expectations

Expectations for students, parents, and staff are clearly defined, understood, and shared. Students, parents, and staff are empowered, supported, and trained to meet those expectations.

Respect and Integrity

Every person is valuable and deserves respect. Communication and interaction is defined by mutual respect, trust, and support.


The organization works collaboratively and creatively to ensure student success in a supportive environment. Successes are recognized and celebrated. Parental involvement is an essential element of a quality educational experience.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Financial and human resources are managed effectively, and prioritized to meet the goals and expectations of the organization.

Continuous Improvement

Staff, parents, and students collaboratively evaluate progress using multiple, reliable measures, and make changes when needed.


Schools and work sites are safe and secure for students, parents, and staff.  

Charter or Public?

Our district-wide charter is unique.  We are a publicly funded and publicly run school district operating under a charter of educational authority from the California State Board of Education.  Charter schools are held to different standards than traditional public schools which allows them to specialize, teach with different methods, and sometimes avoid the strict rules that public schools must follow.

Charter schools have increased flexibility in return for higher accountability. 
Charter schools are specifically designed to turn students into scholars, make them ready for the real world, and give them the confidence needed to move on to the future. Hickman Community Charter District takes these goals and turns them into a mission statement ensuring each student achieves maximum academic success, skills to master every level in education, valuable knowledge, and students learn diversely.